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  • Fintech’s New Normal: The Post Pandemic Landscape

    Fintech’s New Normal: The Post Pandemic Landscape

    This is a guest post by Michael Jaiyeola, Fintech Lead at Erlang Solutions. Erlang is a programming language designed to build massively scalable, soft real-time systems that require high availability. Many of the world’s largest banking, e-commerce and fintech companies depend on Erlang-based technologies to power their tech stack. If you have a system that […]

  • 5 top trends for fintech in 2021

    5 top trends for fintech in 2021

    It is this time of the year. No, not the Mariah Carey’s “All I want For Christmas Is You” time of the year. The moment just after that, when the year starts and everybody is trying to make predictions. This time around, it will be the 2021 trends for fintech. It is actually quite fun […]

  • 2020 Retrospective

    2020 Retrospective

    At the beginning of last year, everybody made a few predictions for what 2020 would mean for the fintech industry. Obviously, at that point in time, Covid-19 was only a problem in Wuhan, China. You could see it in the distance, and it appeared well under control. That slightly changed in the following months, and […]

  • Is Covid-19 killing Cash?

    Is Covid-19 killing Cash?

    Everybody has heard the motto “Cash is King” right? But is it really? Or is it slowly dying and Covid-19 will be its final blow? The King is dead, long live the King. It depends on the kind of cash we are actually talking about. Covid-19 might not be killing cash. There are two types […]

  • Fintech funding reaches new records

    Fintech funding reaches new records

    It seems that when it comes to funding for fintech startups, sky is the limit… Investors splash the cash on British startups as per City A.M. As quoted in this article, according to data released by consultancy KPMG, fintech funding is reaching new records. Fintech companies in the UK have attracted $48.5bn (£37.4bn) of investment […]

  • Is peer-to-peer lending facing a reckoning?

    Is peer-to-peer lending facing a reckoning?

    Peer-to-peer lending has boomed in recent years, particularly in the US and the UK. And so has the funding funnelled to these companies. The VCs taking a particular interest in fintechs operating in the space. It had been also quite popular in China between 2011 and 2015, because lending there was really ripe for disruption. […]

  • Fintechs go to war for talent

    Fintechs go to war for talent

    It seems that a war for talent is brewing in London, as reported by Sifted. Not any kind of talent, tech talent. And this is not only happening in London, it is also the case in other Fintech hubs like Singapore or Amsterdam. Why would fintechs go to war for talent? We already know that […]