What Are the Key Factors to Consider When Hiring Blockchain Developers for Startups?

By Mosche Amara from SparxIT.

Organizations and entrepreneurs have seen the potential of blockchain technology in various industry verticals, including finance, supply chain, healthcare, and retail. As these companies have acknowledged the importance of digital innovation, they are eager to find blockchain development services best suited to their needs.

A blockchain developer should be skilled in decentralized networks and platforms. Also, they should have proficiency in different programming languages. There are various parameters like experience, knowledge, and portfolio based on which you can find top-notch developers.

Tips for Hiring Blockchain Development Companies

Blockchain, the technology that became trendy with cryptocurrencies as its initial use, is now revolutionizing industries far and wide. If you are considering building your startup around a blockchain application, you must carefully consider every key factor to hire a suitable blockchain development company.

Define Your Blockchain Requirements

Before you start your blockchain project, you must define your project goals, budget, and timeline. Defining these requirements will provide you with better clarity on blockchain development. You will be able to define the types of resources you need, such as establishing an in-house development team, freelancers, or collaborating with a leading blockchain development company.

Defining your project requirements will also clarify what types of blockchains are best suited for your project, be it public, private, or hybrid.

Experience Level of Blockchain Developer

Seasoned engineers best understand the difficulties and complexities of building a blockchain application. Therefore, searching for a developer with a proven history of working on cutting-edge blockchain projects for several industry verticals would be ideal.

You will gain a thorough understanding of the technicalities and be able to address the specifics of your company by working with a professional in this industry. When you look for particular skills in your developers, ensure they have relevant problem-solving, collaboration, and technical skills.

Check Technical Skills

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The technical skills of your developers are the building blocks of your application. Look for developers fluent in the languages of the blockchain field – Solidity, JavaScript, Go, and Rust, to name a few. Beyond languages, ensure they grasp the intricacies of smart contracts, decentralized apps, and consensus mechanisms. Think of them as your architects, precisely sketching your blockchain’s blueprint.

Expertise in Testing Tools and Frameworks

In your startup journey, iterations are your companions. But each iteration must be solid. A skilled developer will build and rigorously test and debug smart contracts and applications.

These quality assurance engineers safeguard your product’s reliability and security. When hiring blockchain developers, be sure to spot those who are experienced in testing tools.

Profound Understanding of Data Structure

Blockchain deals with a lot of data woven into a network. And to draw out the result from that data, your developers need to be masters of data structure. Seek out those skilled blockchain developers who can design innovative structures, enhancing your blockchain’s efficiency and scalability. A deep understanding of distributed ledgers ensures that transactions flow seamlessly, facilitating data integrity across the network.

Adaptability and Learning Agility

The world of blockchain is dynamic, constantly changing, and arising innovations. As you want to establish a long-term business that thrives in the market, you need to look for blockchain development companies with the ability to learn, adapt, and stay ahead of the curve.

Therefore, hire blockchain developers that explore the ever-evolving blockchain landscape. It will help your business sustain the changing fabric of the market.

Top Platforms to Look For Blockchain Developers

Now that we have embarked on this journey, we have focused on the parameters to find skilled blockchain developers. It is time to take a look at the platforms where you can find those developers for your business.

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LinkedIn serves as a platform for professionals looking for employment and blockchain engineers to highlight their qualifications, experiences, and successes. Before striking up a conversation with developers, look through their portfolios and assess their level of experience.


Clutch provides a platform where businesses and clients can evaluate and rank service providers according to their effectiveness. This openness allows you to assess past customers’ experiences when making judgments. You can use Clutch to locate blockchain developers with a proven track record of providing superior results.

Stack Overflow

A community of enthusiastic developers who contribute their knowledge and skills found on Stack Overflow. You can find blockchain developers who are not just good at solving problems but also truly passionate about what they do by looking through discussions and inquiries regarding the field. The Stack Overflow community can introduce you to developers who are at the forefront of blockchain innovation.


The best place to locate qualified developers is on Upwork if you want your hiring process to be flexible and agile. You can connect with skilled blockchain blockchain freelancers, depending on the required level of experience.


As you know where and how to look to hire blockchain developers, list out the agencies that stood out to you. Connect with them to ensure they have suitable skills as per your project requirements by conducting an interview. Ask about their experience, achievements, and the clients they have worked with. Also, carefully examine the feedback from their previous clients.

Author bio

Mosche Amara is an experienced blockchain developer at SparxIT, a leading blockchain development agency. In his 8+ years of career, he has worked on over 80 prominent projects on blockchain and various other technologies as well.