A Look at the Fintech Job Market: Interview with Ian Stewart

Investments into fintech companies continue to be incredibly strong. A bit as if Covid-19 never happened. Remember, that crazy health crisis that took the world by storm? No particular worrying signs of the pandemic in fintech. This is better exemplified with Stripe’s latest funding round. The payments’ behemoth closed a $600 million Series H funding round at a stunning $95 billion valuation in March 2021. With all this money flying around, there must be a ton of job opportunities… But which companies are hiring? What are the hottest jobs? What about the long-term impact of remote working? To understand what is going in the fintech job market, at Fintech Review we thought that we should get an expert view… So we have asked a few questions to Ian Stewart, Founder and President of New York-based Madison-Davis.

Tell us more about Madison-Davis. What is your elevator pitch?

Madison-Davis is an Executive Search and Consulting firm that specializes in the Financial Services industry. Whether you are looking to fill temporary or permanent roles, our experienced staff will partner with your team. We will ensure you find the perfect candidate as efficiently and effortlessly as possible.

A bit more than a year on from Covid-19, how has the financial services and fintech job market been?

We have been quite blessed with an abundance of opportunity despite the trying times brought on by the pandemic. Our staff is expanding at a rapid rate. Furthermore, the teams are handling more job opportunities than we could have hoped to expect at the beginning of this health crisis.

What are the hottest job opportunities in fintech and more broadly financial services right now?

The fintech job market is really hot right now. The need to approve transactions on a timely basis is more important today than ever before. With that, the need to hire data scientists and individuals with an intimate knowledge of credit scoring is essential.

Additionally, IT Architects with a deep familiarity of the underwriting process are essential to the long-term success of a growing fintech company.

What are your views on the future of remote working and distributed teams? Here to stay?

There’s no question that Covid-19 will have a long-term impact on our five-day work week. My expectation is that individuals will continue to work on a remote basis and have a dramatic impact on organizational development.

With that, there’s surprising growth in the belief to have “on premises employees” due to the synergy that teams create through the sharing of ideas.

Do you think that the growth of fintech companies, some of them outside big financial centres, will shift the power out of Wall Street?

The power of Wall Street is not about to go away. The organizations they develop, the companies that they support, the ideas that they render on the market are here to stay.

That said, many of those companies – especially fintechs – will be located far from Wall Street and have a long-term impact on the growth of our financial services industry.

Last but not least, who should reach out?

The hiring market is red-hot. Organizations are looking for individuals at all levels, including new business development.

Reaching out to Group Heads, HR and following leads developed through Twitter, LinkedIn, and social media are essential to understanding where the market is headed and making the most out of one’s skill set.